Galvanized Weld Mesh 2”x2”-inch x 3.0mm x 120cm*240cm

Wire mesh size details:

  • Hole size: 3.0 mm
  • Mesh wire diameter: 3.0mm,
  • height: 1.22 mtr , Length:2.40mtr

***Please note all sizes of panel, mesh aperture and wire gauge are nominal and may vary slightly to what is stated due to manufacturing tolerances.***

Strong and durable material: Eco-friendly Coated metal Wire, It’s galvanized and very rust proof. Galvanizing after welding to ensure that all welding points are galvanized for maximum rust resistance and long life.

Mesh Wire: A popular and cost-effective product, wire netting is suitable for many uses in both D.I.Y and industrial situations, such as pet netting, floor screed reinforcement, tree and shrub protection, pest control etc.


Poultry Enclosure: Ideal for indoor / outdoor use: it can be used as a traditional fence to mark your garden, as a climbing aid for plants, as a barrier for flower beds, as a protection for the tree trunks, enclosure for animals, etc..


Fine craftsmanship: The steel wire mesh is firmly welded, accurately measured, and the mesh size is uniform. After the galvanizing process, the paint and rust are prevented.

Warm tips:

1.Please wear protective gloves as wire mesh can be sharp when cut it.
2.You can use plastic ties to attach fencing wire mesh.

***The Wire mesh can be cut to size if wanted to make it easy to work with.

G.I. Welded Mesh 2″x2″x3.0mmx4’x8′