Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh : 50*50mm x 6.0mm

Sheet/Panel Specification:

  • China Manufactured
  • Electro galvanized.
  • Panel Size: 1.2m x 2.48m (4ft x 8ft) / 120cm*240cm
  • Wire Thickness: 6.0mm
  • Mesh Aperture: 50mm x 50mm Square (2″ x 2″ inch)

1.22m*2.44mtr (4ftx8ft) Weld Mesh Panels used?:

  • Security cages
  • Health & Safety protection areas in factories and near production lines
  • Big Pet enclosures
  • As a leaf cover for ponds
  • Gabion baskets
  • Garden fencing
  • Secure areas in factories, warehouses
  • Fruit cages and frames
  • Aviaries / Bird cages

Galvanized (GI) Welded Mesh 2″x2″x6.00mmx4’x8′