Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh 25*25mm with 3mm wire dia

Product Specification:

·        Size: 1220mm x 3000mm (8ft  x 4ft)

·        Wire Gauge: 3.0mm

·        Mesh Aperture: 25mm x 25mm / 1″ x 1″ inch

·        Electro Galvanized

Panel/Sheet 4’x10’ weld mesh panel uses

·        Bird cages, aviaries and animal enclosures

·        Pet / Dog cages and fencing

·        Poultry cages, hen houses and chicken coop walls and roof

·        Security mesh cages

·        Protecting garden ponds from falling leaves and bird attacks

·        Fox and Deer protection

·        Fruit cages

Galvanised mesh panels are supplied as rigid flat sheets and can be cut to the size you require using heavy duty snips, a hack-saw or angle grinder. Some edges to the panels may be sharp due to the welded wires and the zinc galvanization process. All sizes are nominal and can vary slightly.

Galvanized (GI) Welded Mesh 1″x1″x3mmx4’x10′