GI Welded Wire Mesh 2.5mm thickness with 50*50mm


Uses of 8ft x 4ft (50*50mm) welded mesh sheet:

·        Pond covers for leaf protection.

·        Cages for Fruit protection in the garden

·        Dog fences, dog cages and dog kennels

·        Bird cages & aviaries

·        Fox proof fencing

·        Hen houses & chicken coops

·        Security cages / security covers

·        Tree guards

·        Gabion box and wall

·        Grid mesh for marble base or marble mesh

Mesh Panel Details

·        Sheet Size: 8ft * 4ft / 8′ x 4′ / 240cm * 120cm / 2.4 mtr * 1.2mtr

·        Mesh Aperture: 50mm x 50mm / 2″x2″ (inches)

·        Wire Diameter:  12swg gauge (2.5mm)

·        Galvanisation: Cold galvanizing (done through electrolysis) or Electro-galvanized



Due to weld joint and galvanization process, few wire mesh sheets may have sharp edges.

YKM, is the largest stockiest or keeping stock for range of weld mesh panels in wire sizes from 12swg/2.5 mm to 8.0mm, and in mesh apertures from 1 inch up to 6 inches! Check out our full range.

G.I. Welded Mesh 2″x2″x2.5mmx4’x8′


Additional information

Dimensions 240 × 120 cm