Best Electronic Industry
Mesh Manufacturer

YKM, the Best Screen Printing Mesh Manufacturer manufacture high performance woven wire mesh for electronic components that keeps on evolving every day. Our wire mesh solutions offer you the best wire mesh with enormous flexibility and appropriate porosity to protect the electronic component.

Electronic Industry Mesh Supplier and Manufacturer

Key Electronic and Electrical Industrial
Wire Mesh Applications

  • PCB – printed circuit boards
  • FPC – flexible conductors
  • Thick film circuits
  • LTCC circuits
  • MLCC components, ceramic capacitors
  • Soldering paste for SMD
  • Membrane keypads
  • Scales
  • Mike
  • Chip production
  • RFID – radio traffic and networks
  • LCD – Liquid Crystal Displays
  • PDP – plasma screens
  • OLED – organic light emitting diodes
  • FED – flat panel display technology
  • Electronic paper, E-paper
  • TP – touch panels and many more

What are the Applications of YKM’s Woven Wire Mesh in
Electronics Industry?

YKM Stainless Steel Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing

When it comes to precision printing in the hair-thin range, screen printing mesh from YKM International set industry-wide standards. With Successful analysis and collaboration with screen printing industry and its suppliers YKM Group, Best Screen Printing Mesh Manufacturer has always been able to provide the best suitable metal mesh screen for Screen Printing.

YKM Stainless Steel Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing
Solar Panel Steel Mesh Manufacturer

YKM Group Metal Mesh for Solar Panel

YKM’s Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is used for the conversion of electromagnetic solar radiation into electric current, solar cells are metallised using a high-precision screen printing process. Due to their high yield strength, YKM metal meshes for screen printing enable a high screen tension and thus a very low take-off of the screen-printing mesh. These meshes offer a high register accuracy with minimum to no loss.

YKM Group RFI Shielding Mesh

RFI (radio frequency interference) shielding is a method of shielding or protecting electronic devices and technological systems from damaging electromagnetic interference (EMI). Copper Wire Mesh from YKM is one of the most popular material option chosen for defending against these electromagnetic waves.

RFI Shielding Mesh from YKM