Barbed Wire

YKM provides all type barbed wires like PVC coated, GI binding wire, steel barbed wire, concertina or razor wire for fencing & purposes at lowest prices in Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Djibouti, & Israel. It is also known as Bob/bobbed or barb wire used for fencing purpose.

Categories of barb wires we provide:

  • PVC coated wire
  • Galvanized binding wires
  • Stainless steel barbed wire
  • Concertina or Razor wire

Barbed wire fence

It’s used to make low-cost fences and to cover the tops of walls that surround protected land. Barbed wire is one of the most commonly used fencing materials. Its use in the field of safety. Available in different coatings, gauges & barbs.

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