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Understanding RFI Shielding - Application & Uses

Understanding RFI Shielding

RFI (radio frequency interference) shielding is a method to prevent electronic devices & technological systems from electromagnetic interference (EMI). There are several provisions or methods and materials which are used to achieve this aim. Metal wire mesh is one of most popular products which is used to defend these electromagnetic waves. Especially Copper wire mesh is designed to prevent electronic devices from bad signals. Normally. EMI is generated by big electronic devices and flow these weaves to smaller Equipment’s. Nevertheless, small devices also pass the bad signals and affect the performance of other devices or circuits.

The reason for the devices’ performance has been affected:

  • Effect radio signals quality
  • Functionality effected due to emission raise
  • Decrease operation capacity due to outside signal interference

We required a safe metal mesh shield for our expensive devices to perform very well.  Dr Michael Faraday (1836) invented an EMF shield which is called Faraday Cage. It blocks the bad signals. It is made by wrapped conductive material.

Today’s RFI shielding is used to protect a vital range of electronic devices, including but not limited to:

  • MRI machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Computers
  • Telecommunication techniques
  • Computer labs
  • Electric digital meters
  • GPS navigation
  • Recording studios
  • Low altitude planes
  • Battlefield meters
  • And many more

The best solution is copper wire mesh for RFI shielding. The woven pattern is fine and would not disturb the view aspect. This type of wire cloth is extensively used for windows screens, but it is suitable for a variety of other applications.

rfi shielding fabric-copper mesh

Specifications for Copper Wire Mesh

The RFI wire mesh screen from YKM is manufactured 99% commercial pure woven copper as per quality standards. The popular plain-woven sizes are 16, 22, 100, 150 or 200 squares per linear inch.

RFI Copper Wire Mesh Shielding from YKM

We have rich experience with varied materials for wire mesh for EMF shielding. We are also a leading manufacturer for metal hardware cloths with unconventional materials for different industries. We always focus on supplying a unique solution to our business partners.

Due to the leading position of manufacturing and supplying, we are supplying number of varieties of metal wire mesh shielding for RFI. One of our products is Copper Wire Mesh which is best solution for EMF shielding due to its durability & flexibility. It is easy to install and make different structures as per the application requirement. Also, our RFI shield material is fire resistance.

We are manufacturing and supplying RFI solutions in the form of wire mesh rolls, panels, discs, and other structures as well. We have the facility to produce custom sizes as per customer requirement or demand. We are using laser & slitting technology for cutting.

For more information about RFI shield wire mesh, contact us @ bdm@ykmgroup.com

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