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YKM International is one of the Largest Aeronautic Wire Mesh Manufacturer with  expert R&D Team to manufacture Stainless Steel, Nickel, Copper and many other woven wire mesh which are utilized in several areas of aviation or aerospace vehicles in Aerospace Industry for a reliable means of filtration, to ensure the safe transportation of passengers. YKM's Woven Wire Mesh provides the absolute precision needed to effectively filter the fuel powering the engines as well as the air circulating within the aerospace vehicles.

What are the Applications Of Woven Wire Mesh in Aerospace Industry?

  • Wire mesh to Protect the controls and engines
  • Wire Mesh in Air filters
  • Wire Mesh for Fuel filtration
  • Wire Mesh for Acoustic and Noise Absorption
  • Copper Wire Mesh to Protect from Lightning Strike
Aeronautic Industry Woven Wire Mesh Manufacturer
YKM Group Engine Control Protector Wire Mesh for Aerospace Industry

How YKM, Aeronautic Wire Mesh Manufacturer, Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh can be utilized to protect the controls and engines?

  • Wire mesh to Protect the controls and engines
  • Wire Mesh in Air filters
  • Wire Mesh for Fuel filtration
  • Wire Mesh for Acoustic and Noise Absorption
  • Copper Wire Mesh to Protect from Lightning Strike

How YKM, Aeronautic Wire Mesh Manufacturer Woven Wire Mesh utilized in Air filters?

A good quality wire mesh is a primary concern for good air filtration during a commercial flight trip. YKM International is capable of manufacturing Wire Mesh for HEPA Filters which which is one of the best wire mesh available in market. A good wire mesh improves air quality & improves the passenger’s in-flight experience. Passengers and crew members flying at high altitudes breathe the recirculated, pressurized air on longer flights.

Largest HEPA Filter Mesh Manufacturer for Aerospace Industry
Air FIltration Process in Aerpace Cabin

Newer composite flights allow higher cabin humidity levels, further increasing the need for filtration. Wire cloth in air filters can help eliminate irritating contaminants like these.

How is Woven Wire Cloth utilized in Fuel Filtration?

High quality fuel filtration is required by aircraft fuel systems, injectors and pumps for optimum combustion and lower emissions and YKM Group being the Largest Aeronautic Wire Mesh Manufacturer is capable of manufacturing top notch wire mesh for the same. An aircraft's fuel system enables the crew to supply fuel to the propulsion system and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) of an aircraft.

Fuel Filtration Wire Mesh Manufacturer for Aeronautic Industry

Aeropace Fuel Filtration Applications are:

  • Wire Mesh in Fuel tank strainers
  • Wire Mesh in Flow wash filters
  • Wire Mesh in Fuel tank inerting
  • Wire Cloth in Main system Fuel Filters
  • Wire Mesh for Fuel Nozzle
  • Wire Mesh in Differential Pressure Indicators.

How is Woven Wire Mesh utilized in Acoustic and Noise Absorption?

There are two main objectives for noise reduction efforts carried out in commercial airplanes i.e., meeting increasingly stringent airport regulatory requirements and comfort of passengers.

Airplane noise is classified down into two categories: Engine Noise and Airframe Noise.

The inner panel in contact with engine airflow are a stainless steel wire mesh filled with thousands of holes, typically 0.04 inch in diameter and YKM International is capable of manufacturing these wire meshes. These wire mesh helps dampen jet engine noise by directing sound into the panel’s honeycomb core, rather than presenting a solid surface that simply just deflect the sound.

Landing gear noise sound suppression is also a problem during takeoff and landing and this is exactly where sound suppression is needed the most. Wire mesh screens have been tested and has proven significant advantages compared to other covers in reducing aerodynamically generated landing gear noise.

How is Copper Wire Mesh utilized to Protect from Lightning Strike?

Lightning can strike multiple time during a aerospace trip and YKM Group is capable of manufacturing Copper Wire mesh which is capable of handling these impact at ease. In flights built from highly conductive aluminum, even the worst-case 200,000-ampere jolt can be quickly conducted away. But for aircrafts made with less-conductive carbon fiber composites or nonconductive fiberglass, lightning strike protection (LSP) is critical and this is were copper wire mesh is much more important.

Lightning Protection Wire Mesh Scren Manufacturer For Aeronautic Industry in Qatar

Why YKM's Aeronautic Wire Mesh Manufacturer Wire Meshes are preferred in Aeronautic Manufacturing?

YKM International is the largest manufacturer of wire mesh with 30 years of experience in mesh manufacturing and testing for Aeronautic Industry. Our R & D Department is equipped with top end machines for prototype testing and implementing to provide the best result. All our wire mesh product undergo quality check after each level of manufacturing process.